The Tahana Waterfall, March
The Tahana Waterfall, March Chive nature reserve on the way up to Metula (March) Tulip garden in Metula Environmental statue in the entrance to Metula The way going up to Metula during the orchard blossom period The cherry orchard blossoms peak, May – June
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Ayun River Nature Reserve (for details)
The nature reserve is comprised of four powerful waterfalls that flow in the winter, and even in the summer the flow of water from the Tanur waterfall makes for a refreshing trip. The reserve is abundant in flowers, trees, water vegetation and birds.

Beit Ha'ikar (the farmer's house) Museum
This was the house of the town's first rabbi, and includes a reconstruction of the farmers' lives from the beginning of the 20th century. A museum that shows the history of town and an archive. Visit should be coordinated in advance: 04-6940283.

A Stroll along the Town's Main Street
Experience the history of Metula by strolling among the old houses, guided by the small signs in front of the houses.

Dado Lookout
Drive in the direction of Har Hazfiya ("The Look-out Mountain"), on the west side of Metula, toward Dado Lookout, which was erected in memory of David Elazar, the ninth IDF Chief of Staff. This observation point offers breathtaking views of the Golan Heights, the Syrian side of Mt. Hermon, Ayun Valley, the Beaufort Castle in Lebanon and Emek Ha'hula. The place is also especially cool in the summer. The lookout has an audio system (Hebrew and English) that offers explanations on each of the places that can be seen.

Bicycle Tours in Metula and in the Area
"The most pleasurable way to roam the orchards, and in Metula, is by bicycles. You can enter by car, stroll through walkways, and get out of your car to smell the fragrances and take pictures. There are many dunams of trees in every season. This is an enchanting trip" (taken from: "Metula, the cherry in the fingernail", by Oren Kenar and published by Masa Aher.

To rent a bicycle, please contact Oded Tiferet from Kfar Yuval. Oded has 150 bicycles for rent, brings them to you and even offers guidance to those who are interested.
Phone numbers: 050-8268218, 050-5448990

"Zami's Musical Box" (for details)
An extraordinary visit to the house of Zami Ravid. Zami has a collection of musical instruments from all over the world. He offers lectures on various topics, including coffee and cake. Each program consists of an exhibition of musical instruments, explanations, demonstrations, and a short concert of ancient keyboards and stringed instruments. Visit should be coordinated in advance. Phone number: 04-6997073.

Canada Center (for details)
Facilities include a wide variety of sports and recreational activities:
* An Olympic size ice skating rink
* An indoor and outdoor swimming
* A bowling alley
* Jeep trips
* Fitness rooms
* A rifle range
Opening hours: every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
Phone numbers: 04-6950712, 04-6950370/1

The "Roaring Lion" monument
Kfar Giladi

Tel Hai Yard Museum (for details)

Beit Hashomer Museum
Kfar Giladi 04-6941565

The Museum of Photography in the Tel Hai Industrial Park (for details)
The museum features four galleries that present changing exhibitions, including a simulation of a giant camera - Camera Obscura, and a rare collection of cameras. Phone: 04-6950769.

Agmon HaHula (for details)
The new flooded area of the Hula Lake has become the second home for thousands of migrating birds that pass through, rising from within the green fields of the area, in the autumn and spring.
For details about events and guided tours on site: 04-6817137, and "Bekav La'yaar" 1-800-350-550.
Special tours take place in the lake during the weekends: night safari, sunrise trips and in-depth tour that emphasize migration.

Dan Nature Reserve and Biblical Tel Dan (for details)
Tel Dan nature reserve comprises three routes all different in their character and length. The track is cool and pleasant even during the hot summer months. Part of the route is wheelchair accessible. Remains of the Canaanite city of La'ish that was conquered by the Dan tribe during the period of the Judges (in Biblical times) were discovered in Tel Dan. The site contains unique archeological findings, among them a religious ritual site attributed to the days of King Jeroboam.

The Banyas Nature Reserve (for details)
A trip that combines nature, waterfalls, Roman history and Greek mythology, and the temple of Pan god in the upper part of the reserve.

The Nimrod Fortress (for details)
It is also known by the name 'Kalat Namrud'. Archeological site from Middle Ages that contains remains of a large fortress that was built and fortified throughout the years by Ayub and Mamluk armies.

Safari tours - Jeep Adventures
Safari tours in the upper Galilee and the Golan Heights.
For details please contact Asaf
Tel: 052—3311717, 050-2226789

Nimrod Farm

Horse farm, Ranger and jeep tours in Kfar Giladi.
Phone: 050-2001-201

Manara Cliff Cable Car
A long cable car climbing to the heights of Naftali Mountain ridge. The beginning of the climb is at the entrance to Kiryat Shmona, and ends by Kibbutz Manara at the top of the ridge.
The activity is at three stopping points of the cable car, including guided tours and observation posts of the entire area. Moreover, it offers extreme sports, such as mountain slides, rappelling, omega and climbing wall in nature.

The Hermon Site (for details)
For winter ski or mountain sleds in the summer - autumn 04-6981337, 04-6981333
The Museum of Prehistoric Man
Address: Maayan Baruch
Phone numbers: 04-6954611, 04-6954796.