The Tahana Waterfall, March
The Tahana Waterfall, March Chive nature reserve on the way up to Metula (March) Tulip garden in Metula Environmental statue in the entrance to Metula The way going up to Metula during the orchard blossom period The cherry orchard blossoms peak, May – June
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 "Haimke's Tour"
A Taste of Yesteryear Breakfast and a Tour around Metula on Nice Winter Sabbaths

Haimke, third generation in Metula, is a special person. The tour which he offers to "Beit Shalom" guests on winter Sabbaths is colorful and fascinating.

The tour begins in "Beit Shalom" with a taste of yesteryear breakfast that recreates the flavors of rustic Metula cuisine which were customary at the beginning of the last century. The cheese, the yogurt, the pickled fish, and jams offered in the meal are all the produce of Miriam and Haimke's personal farm.

The tour begins with the history of Metula and continues to the lookout over the surroundings, with a geographical and historical overview. You can admire the blossoming of the orchards during the spring, and pick fruit in the farming community's orchards at the end of spring. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Hatanur waterfall, and look at the Nazarene Iris blooming toward the end of the winter. The nature reserve with the beautiful iris is located close to Metula and makes for a spectacular visit.

* The tour is dependent upon the number of participants.
* It is important to book ahead. For reservation please call Miriam: 04-6940767