Autumn atmosphere
Autumn atmosphere The sculptured pigeon fountain (photographed by The nectarine blossoms Pink blossoms of nectarine, on the way up to Metula Apple orchard trees in bloom on the slopes of Ha'tachana waterfall
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Nature and the ancient stone, the colors and changing environment create magic moments. We present a few of them.

In the spring the way to "Beit Shalom" Estate is filled with rose and white blossoms of the orchards of nectarine, apple and the other deciduous trees of town. The garden awakens, the willow trees renew their leaves and the cherry orchard in the yard begins to blossom and reaches its peak with the ripening of the fuit in May.

In the summer the cyclamen – from the winter – continue to blossom in the garden. When did you last see cyclamen blooming in the summer?
The dry breeze cools the guests, cuddling up with books and coffee beneath the trees in the garden. In the evening, there is no need to turn on the air conditioner. You need a sweater.
At the end of the summer (mid August), the figs ripen. These figs are from the fig trees that great-grandfather brought from Damascus.  They are big and incredibly sweet; and from this fruit we make the fig jam for breakfast.

The fall begins in the autumn. The trees shed leaves in the breeze indicating a change. The Impatiens (from the Balsam family) that finished blooming are replaced with cyclamen as winter approaches. The valleys of Metula fill with carpets of squills and the flocks of storks and cranes passing over the town on their journey to Africa.

And in the winter the raindrops hang on the branches of trees, decorating the yard with little diamonds. Mt. Hermon is white on the horizon; and often you will also enjoy snow in town. You can walk for a few minutes from the suite with boots or walking shoes to Ayun River Nature Reserve, for a walk of about an hour and half between the four waterfalls, with their powerfel stream of water
. Herbal tea of your choice with Miriam's old fashioned flavor apple cake will await you upon your return. The wood crackling in the fireplace in the background will be enchanting music to your ears.