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Miriam's Art Gallery

"Beit Shalom" Estate features the artworks by Miriam Hod, the owner of the place and an artist. Miriam is involved with embroidery and artistic textile design for many years. Her artworks combine various techniques and the use of available materials, including cloths, threads, paper, beads, and materials from nature, hand and machine embroidery, evolving into an individual artistic language.

The inspiration for Miriam's artworks comes from the Galilean scenery and the characteristic lifestyles of the diverse cultures of people residing in this region: the Arabs in the Galilean villages, the Druze in the Golan Heights, the Lebanese Christians, and the pioneers of the towns in the Galilee and Metula, the oldest and most northern town in Israel, where her family is rooted. Miriam's family biography, second generation of Holocaust survivors, is also reflected in part of her artworks.

The textile sculpting, the embroidery and the natural materials which Miriam uses are integrated into the stone walls of "Beit Shalom" Estate, supporting each other and wrap the space creating the feeling of presence within the setting, on the one hand, while offering intimacy, on the other hand.

If you pass-by in this area we welcome you to visit, have a cup a of coffee, savor the ambiance in this place, and enjoy the artworks integrated into the stone of one hundred years,

During the Metula Poetry Festival, planned for the coming Shavuot Holiday (Pentecost), Miriam will present a new exhibition inspired by the poetry book "song for the road" written by Ofer Gavish and Adi Adar (photos). The book combines photos and songs of Israel with routes and historical texts. Miriam creates artworks from these materials featured in this exhibition.