Haimke makes the cheese
Haimke makes the cheese Breakfast

The Breakfast

"Beit Shalom" breakfast is well-known.
Alongside the burning fireplace throughout the winter, or among the lemon and cherry trees in the yard in the summer, you will enjoy a festivity of tastes that recreates the rustic Metula cuisine in the past.

All the ingredients for breakfast come from the domestic farm:
Following the atmosphere of older Metula, Miriam and Haim prepare yogurt made of the milk from morning milking, make cheese of about ten different tastes, harvest olives, pressing olives, collect eggs in the chicken coup, make fig jam from the fig tree that great-grandfather planted here one hundred years ago. And for the lovers of pickled fish, they press fish and prepare delicate icra in a special apple recipe.
It is recommended to eat Miriam apple cake made of fresh apples that were picked at the orchard for desert. The recipe that grandmother passed to her fills the air with unforgettable tastes and smells…

* Breakfast is offered until 12:00 noon. It is advised to order in advance.