Jerusalem Post, March 2004, A.B.-A.

Southern hospitality up north
Loath to drive all the way back to Jerusalem after our trip we decided to stay overnight in Metulla. To our delight, we were offered complementary lodgings at Beit Shalom, located on the village's earliest street and featuring luxurious rooms with stunning, plush décor reminiscent of the American south. Our two room suit, with full kitchen and virtual fireplace overlooked a beautiful garden.

We had breakfast in a stunning restored stone house adjacent to our room that dates back to 1907. Our hosts, Miriam and Haim Hod, prepare everything on the table themselves: eggs strait from the chicken coops, freshly made cheeses, fish, salads and a variety of delicacies that include jam from the fruit trees and fabulous herbal concoctions from the garden.

Three other luxurious suites were added to "Beit Shalom" Estate in the old stone building from the beginning of the former century, since the article was published in the Jerusalem Post.