Taken from Ronit Savirski's Book "Gourmet in the Village"

In a Nutshell
"Beit Shalom" Estate - Cheese and Dairy Meals
There are places that the fragrance of history envelops them. Such place is Metula. The main boulevard with its old houses from the outset of this town that were preserved and accurately restored, the old trees and the abundant vegetation allow visitors to touch the past.
"Beit Shalom" Estate is situated in the middle of the main boulevard, a magnificently nurtured piece of land. Willow trees and an old tractor welcome visitors at the entrance, and lamps lighting the garden. Miriam and Haimke Hod live in this small piece of history, in an old stone house with red tile roof. The house belonged to grandmother and dates back 100 years. It also served as offices during the British rule.
11 children were born to grandmother Yocheved and grandfather Haim-Moshe. The tenth, Shalom, is Haim Hod's father and the place is in his memory. The scenery of Hahula Valley, the Golan Heights and the Hermon Mountain can be viewed from any corner. The grass area that surrounds the house abounds with scattered clay vases, romantic sitting benches in the shade of cherry tree, and carpets of cyclamen that bloom in the winter in this place.

"Beit Shalom" Estate Cuisine
Haim and Miriam renovated ten hospitality units which they designed with much attention to details in a large building that is adjacent to their home. The living room in the house became a rustic hospitality room where breakfasts are served to the guests. Throughout the day it is used as a restaurant that also serves dairy meals to travelers who are not guests in this hotel. The space is designed in a European rustic style with covered stone walls, arcs that were designed 100 years ago, and terracotta floor decorated with sketched patterns that was meticulously restored.
The house is adorned with glassworks, vitrage works and artistic embroidery pictures embroided by Miriam. The furniture was made by Haim. Breakfasts and the dairy meals are based on Zefatit cheese, made of fresh milk from morning milking, from which Haimke makes cheese in a wide variety of tastes and textures. He had learnt the secret how to prepare them in his great grandmother's house and added his professional knowledge which he acquired in a course provided by the Ministry of Agriculture.

On the Menu
Haim developed varieties of the the Zefatit cheese by adding to it his personal touch. Such special versions of this cheese include black olives and garlic, basil and oregano, sesame, nigella, dry onion, pine nuts and regular Zefatit. Other delicacies that are also made by Haim include Labane, cream cheese, olives from the olive orchard, eggs from the nearby chicken coup, fig jam made from the fruit of the 100 years tree planted in the garden, plum jam with walnuts from the plum orchard, homemade marinated fish, icra salad with apples following a recipe that is passed down in our family, homemade yogurt, lemonade made from lemon tree. Briefly, it is very difficult to find something which they do not produce by themselves, even the plum liqueur.
In addition to the cheese meal, the place also offers champignon soup, smoked salmon sandwich, Greek salad and spicy Shakshuka. Miriam house cakes are based on recipes of 40 years of her grandmother: apple cake, cheese cake and warm chocolate cake.
Haimke is imbued with a feeling of mission to tell about the history of town and take any guest on a tour in the area which is seasoned with nostalgia about the first days in Metula.

Since writing the chapter about "Beit Shalom" Estate in the book "Gourmet in the Village" three other luxurious suites were added to the place in the old stone house of more than one hundred years.