The garden of the "private living room", work and hospitality tables
The garden of the Sitting corner next to a wood fireplace A large hospitality corner Outdoor look: a round meeting table on the right. Sitting corner


The private living room is a residence house from the beginning of the previous century, in which Shura and Shalom Fine, the son and daughter-in-law of Haim Moshe, the founder of the place, lived.

Recently the house has been renovated according to its preservation plan. Its original stone walls were exposed and it was converted into a living room for executive meetings and delivering lectures.
Moreover, the house is also used by the guests in the place who arrive in a group and look for a pleasant and private corner for meeting; serves as a private living room.

The Private Living room equipped with the following:

* Computer with high-speed Internet access
* Wireless Internet
* Phone/Fax/Photocopy machine
* Connections: laptop, large plasma TV for lectures/presentations
* Cable TV with home cinema system and DVD
* Stereo system
* Kitchenette with various types of warm drinks