Imagine yourself...

breathing fresh mountain air; forget all your worries, being carried away to a world of serenity.

To sit with a spa robe covering your body in a magnificent garden while listening to the birds singing

Surrender to the caressing sun rays in the sun room situated in the old house,
And look to the Hermon Mountain and Ayun Valley enchanting scenery

Enjoy the moment of tranquility in front of the wood fireplace;
the crackling sounds of burning wood induce calm and quiet your mind and body

To dip in the jacuzzi in the garden, look at the cherry orchard bare of leaves,
while the Hermon Mountain white with snow is seen through its branches

Breathe the fresh air,and become excited by the beauty of the cherry orchard
at the peak of its blossoming.

Pick cherries, savor the taste -
and perhaps also think that this is the way heaven looks like.

Nature, harmony, simplicity, tranquility, blossoming, revival

* It is advised to book spa treatments in advance.
* Mineral bath in the private spa Jacuzzi can be ordered for one hour, for your
  indulgence. It is advised to book your place in advance.
* For the enjoyment of the hotel guests, using the jacuzzi outside (up to 40 Celsius
  degrees in the winter), at no extra charge.