Combined Massage

Aromatherapy massage with oils that have soothing properties, individually suited, and combined with different touch techniques.
The combined treatment includes elements of "the power of softness" which results in body movement synchronizing with the pulse, relieving energy blockages in the body and also applies elements of shiatsu.
Reflexology is also combined in the massage, which enables a more thorough and deeper touch in releasing inner organs by pressing specific points in the foot.
Then the patient will enjoy a face and skull massage. The end of the treatment includes healing, therapeutic energy transfer for a pleasant and special sensation.


To combine this treatment with hot stone massage by using heated stones to massage along the muscles and joints, placing them in specific points according to the patient's needs.


* It is advised to order treatments in advance.
Any special health condition or pregnancy should be reported while ordering the
For the dry treatments you need to dress with light clothes; for the oil treatments
   come with light clothes and a robe. The oil treatments are performed with
Every change/cancellation should be informed up to 6 hours before the beginning
   of the treatment; otherwise, we will have to charge 50% of the treatment cost.